Woman Neglected Her Husband And Two Children In A Filthy Apartment. When They Brought Him To The Hospital, They Found Something Horrifying.

37-year-old Dormanicia Lawson is arrested for homicide, neglect, and child abuse after she left her paraplegic husband die and get eaten by maggots, as well as fail to take care of their two children, one of which has uncompromising autism.

According to NBC Bay Area News, Lawson’s 36-year-old Mark Fulgham was found by the police covered with bed sores. Their two children, one is 11 and the other one is 19, who also has autism, was found in their apartment in Concord, CA.

Although he was taken to the hospital, Fulgham died of extreme malnutrition, dehydration, and infection. He was extremely starved that bones were definite and close to the skin.

Lawson is getting four years of imprisonment for her act of leaving her family in a squalid home filled with cockroaches, maggots, flies, and repugnant smell.

Concord police officers called it “one of the worst neglect cases” they had ever witnessed. Since, however, Lawson’s act cannot be construed as murder, prosecutors had to drop that charge and sentence was adjusted.

They also found garbage, human feces, surrounding the filthy and stained mattress on the floor. The children were also found in the same state.

Corporal Christopher Blakely, Concord police spokesperson, told PEOPLE, “You would think he was a corpse just by the way he looked. It was horrific… he could not talk. He had shortness of breath. He had maggots that were eating his body.”

“She had no explanation for it, other than she was tired and stressed,” Blakely said when she asked Lawson about why she left her family in such a state.

Lawson was eventually charged with murder through extreme neglect after she disclosed that Fulgham was domestically abusive and never wanted to receive treatment, even when she tried to call 911.


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