Unwanted Dachshund Gets A Second Chance Within Minutes

She was going to be given up for a ridiculous reason..

A woman named Nikki Fricker was in a parking lot just outside of the Jefferson County SPCA in New York, waiting for the shelter to open. It wasn’t long before Fricker saw a car parking near to where she was waiting. A man came out of the car with a dachshund, which Fricker found adorable. Fricker approached the man, asking if the dog was his and what was its name. The dog’s name was Dotty and she was brought to the shelter to be given up. Her owners were having a baby and felt that there was no need to “practice with a dog anymore”. This shocked Fricker, who was soon asked if she wanted the dachshund. Even though Fricker already had two other dogs, she couldn’t say no as she saw how frightened and confused the dog was.

She knew that the dachshund would not do well in a noisy shelter environment and agreed to adopt her. In a matter of minutes, Dotty was on her way to her new home in Fricker’s car. Fricker renamed her Molly and introduced her to her two family dogs, Moo and Maddie.

It didn’t take Molly long to become comfortable with her surroundings and start to play with Fricker’s two dogs, whom she got along well with. As time went by, Molly revealed her mischievous but sweet personality.

According to Fricker, Molly loves to burrow herself under blankets and steal the bathroom toilet paper, pushing it down the stairs. She is also very protective of Fricker during their walks and described to be “fiesty”. Today, Molly is still living happily with Fricker in her forever home with her two canine siblings.

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