Two Dogs Waited Outside Hospital Doors — For Weeks

They waited for some help.

Outside the main doors of Hospital Agudo located in Brazil during the hot summers of late July to early August, two dogs had been spotted sitting outside – for many weeks due to one reason. They would never leave that specific waiting spot, as all they wanted to see was a glimpse of one of the dogs’ owner, who never came back for her. Princess was that dog who wanted to see her sick owner again, and the another whom she was accompanied by was named Scooby. Both dogs eventually caught the attention of many hospital nurses who worked there.

Touched by their unwavering loyalty and persistence, staff decided to help them both. They called in a local Veterinarian named Maria Alice Altermann, along with her colleague, for a medical check-up. Once both dogs were declared to be healthy, they were ready to meet the mystery person whom princess valued so much.

Altermann and her colleague led Princess and Scooby into 2 dog carriers and transported them, en route to meet the sick man in his hospital room – and there is a happy ending. As her wish was fulfilled, Princess lay down by her owner’s side peacefully, seemingly content while Scooby watched over her. Princess’s presence also lifted the spirits of her unidentified owner, whose name was left unrevealed due to privacy reasons.

“We took the carriers into the room and released the dogs. The man began to breath excitedly. The dogs climbed on the bed, and we put his hand on Princess. We are honored to be able to contribute to this important and special meeting,” said Altermann.

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