The father drags THIS bearded man through the forest. All because he loves his daughter more than his ego.

Wedding photographer Delia D. Blackburn thought that she’d seen everything that can go right — and wrong — at a wedding. But at Brittany Bachman’s wedding, the bride’s father did something Delia had never seen before. Luckily, she was there to capture the incredible moment.

Everyone was holding their breath as the bride floated down the aisle. Then suddenly her dad Todd stopped. He turned around to the guests, spotted Brittany’s step-father, and marched over to him.

And grabbed his hand.

At first everyone was startled and worried. What was about to happen?

But they quickly understood: Todd wanted his daughter’s step-dad to help him walk her to the altar. After all, he’s her “other dad.” When the wedding guests realized what had happened, the tears started flowing and hands started clapping. Even Brittany’s step-father couldn’t hold back his feelings.

“Not a dry eye at the ceremony… including me!” wrote Delia, after shooting the pictures. “A wedding is supposed to be about the bride and groom, and of course, never about the hurt pride of relatives. Congratulations to Todd Bachman on showing your kids what true love really is…love for your children.”

This beautiful, selfless gesture has already been seen by millions around the world. And it’s a good thing — surely it will inspire others to reach out in the same open, loving way to their children and those who love their children as much as they do!