It’s horrible to think that things like this ever existed, but even more horrifying to think that these disgusting traditions still exist to this day. Whale slaughter in the fjords of the Faroe Islands is one of those traditions which happens every year during the summer.

It started in the 16th century as the people who lived on the Faroe Islands hunted whales. Records show this going on as far back as 1709. Most were pilot whales which were killed by the whalers. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society published these ultra intense pictures to show the insane nature of what has gone on.

They used to go out in wooden boats to hunt for whale meat. During this time the catch was considered reasonable as it didn’t threaten a decrease in the whale population.

Skulls and other whale bones cover the floor of the fjords. That shows very clearly the death and suffering inflicted on these animals.

Sadly it’s an every-summer tradition.

Modern technology is now used once the slaughter season approaches. A whale escaping is now very unlikely.



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Schools of whales are basically driven into the fjords. There they await their cruel demise in the form of a total massacre.

Scenarios like this are constantly played out, with the whale losing every time.

We see the true extent of the slaughter through aerial photography. The water now colored a deep dying red. Blood from the slaughtered whales.

The remaining carcasses are towed ashore using ropes. They are then stacked next to one another.

Very tragic. And to think this is just in one day. The death toll is about 40.

Major suffering must be endured by the whales. And for what? Whale meat? Nope. It rarely appears at the dinner table. Instead it is simply ingrained and misguided tradition.

A female whale, split open, entrails spilling all over the place. Her unborn calf lies next to her. He never had a chance at life.

Instead it ends up in a trash bin, along with the rest of the waste.

It’s all for the kids, right? What a damn sick world…

Really horrifying. All that death and suffering. Stop the Bloody Whale Slaughter on the Faroe Islands is a petition put forth by PETA. Sign it if you want to end this.

Not many people know about this slaughter. Share this with everyone you can to get the word out!




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