Officer Hears About Car Chase-When She’s Told Who’s Inside, She Rushes

When Georgia State Trooper Lindsay Barber showed up for work on Monday morning, she had no idea that she would be faced with as scary of a situation as she did. After getting calls about a car chase, many of the police stations around Coweta County were ready to join in and provide assistance. That’s when the call that everyone dreaded came through the speaker: there were helpless women and children in the car as well.
Mario Anderson, age 31, was headed down the highway at speeds of nearly 120 miles per hour and he had no intention of stopping anytime soon. The police were faced with a hard decision because there were three kids and a woman in the car who had nothing to do with the situation. That’s when everyone’s fear became a reality.
At one point, officials said, Anderson got off at Exit 41 toward Newnan and re-entered the interstate headed in the opposite direction. The situation continued to get worse, as now he was driving into head on traffic trying to avoid police. Anderson then lost control of his vehicle in a construction zone, slammed into a barrier and then collided with another vehicle.
Barber then rushed into action, putting her body on the line in order to protect and serve anyone that needed her assistance. She began extinguishing the flames with her fire extinguisher and trying to find a way to reach the victims in the car. She set her emotions aside and acted as a human being who had a strong desire to save everyone that needed her help.
“I think she did the job she was trained to do and she did a very good job,” said Sgt. Katie Thompson. “She’s not quite a rookie anymore, but she’s gotten out of school in the last year. When I arrived on the scene, she (Barber) actually had used all of her fire extinguishers and we had to use mine to make sure the fire was completely out,” said Thompson.
Anderson has been charged with a list of offenses, including DUI, reckless driving, and child endangerment.
We are very glad to hear that everyone made it out of the car accident alive, and hope that they have a quick and healthy recovery. If it weren’t for the quick actions and thinking of this fearless and courageous officer, then many lives could have been lost. We thank her for her service!

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