Mom Urges Everyone To Throw Away Common Appliance Immediately

Just Like Any Other Night

Cassie Hodges and her partner Mark had just gotten home from a long day at work and they were contemplating what to eat for dinner. That’s when Mark decided to whip up a meal that would leave them both scarred for life, literally.

“On Friday, June 17, 2016 my partner Mark decided to cook some soup. Having left too late to slow cook it, he chucked it in the pressure cooker, selected the “soup” option and walked away.

Then, 25 minutes later I walked into the kitchen holding our 12-week-old son, I called out to Mark that the soup was ready. He came in and I put my son in the lounge room to help dish [out] dinner. I told my two older children to go sit with him.”

With the kids waiting eagerly at the table, Cassie went to assist Mark in the kitchen.

A Sudden “Click”

Since the soup was made in a pressure cooker (specifically, a Casera model), they knew they had to let the container release the steam before they opened it up to serve everyone.

“I walked back into the kitchen and Mark let the pressure release valve off, and the steam came out the top as normal. Then I heard a ‘click,’ suddenly I knew the lid unlocked.

The next minute I was hit with something. The lid had unlocked and, because it hadn’t finished releasing the pressure, the lid flew off and the entire contents hit me like as if someone chucked a bucket of water at me.

The noise of it was a loud sizzle. I immediately screamed. My partner was holding his stomach and he pulled his arm back and his skin was all peeled off. I removed my singlet and ran to the shower, we called the ambulance.”

With the kids frightened and concerned for their parents well-being, the couple tried their best to hold it together – even with bunches of flesh peeling off their bodies.


Scalded and Terrified

When she got to the hospital that first night, doctors told Cassie that over 12% of her skin was covered in burns. It would take weeks of healing to get her healthy skin back.

“I have severe burns to majority of both my arms my chest and my stomach. My daughter was in shock and was screaming in fear while watching me scream in fear, as well.

The next day I went to the Sydney Burns Unit where they removed my bandages, only to expose large blisters. I was told I had to have all my dead, burned skin removed by scraping it with a rough towel and biobrane (a pig skin/fat tissue combination).

I have never felt such pain in my life. They bandaged me up, and now (on day 4) I’m laying in bed knowing it will be yet another painful night.”

Despite the obvious pain, Cassie is trying to remain strong for the sake of her children – but the brutal burns still are too much to handle some moments.



They Had Both Been Hit

Mark wasn’t left unscathed. He also suffered from severe burns to his side.

“Mark has a deep burn to his stomach because he didn’t get into the water in time, as he wanted me to be okay. His burn is much smaller, but still deep and very painful.

We are both heavily medicated. Mark has to feed me like a baby, hold me while I cry through the pain and do everything else I need for me.”

Luckily, Mark is able to help his love heal and recuperate while he bravely treats his own wounds.



Lucky To Be Alive

Even though a situation like this is terrifying, Mark and Cassie know that it could be so much worse.

“I will be okay, but I want to share my story. These pressure cookers are not safe! I want the one I used recalled and I want people to be aware of the dangers.

We did nothing wrong – the machine unlocked prematurely. It should’ve stay locked and unable to be opened until the pressure was all gone. Please share this far and wide and throw your cookers out. They are not worth it.

Two minutes earlier I was holding my son…. my poor son could have been hurt. We are lucky! I want to make sure this never happens to anyone ever again.”

If you have a Casera pressure cooker (or really any pressure cooker), Cassie urges you to reconsider using it during your next meal.


Heed Her Warning

Whipping up a quick bowl of soup isn’t worth risking your safety, and the safety of those you hold most dear. You don’t want to end up with horrible burn marks like the ones Cassie’s going to have for the rest of her life!


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