Man Realizes Who Neighbor’s Ramp Was For — And It Touches His Heart

Dog owners can be so sweet!

As owners, we would often go out of our way to make our dogs happy and comfortable. This is especially the case when our dogs enter seniority. When we become older, we would get certain aliments such as joint pain or arthritis. Of course, our dogs do experience such problems too. So imagine how heartwarming it was for Alex Dunhom to see what her neighbors had done for their senior dog. In Nashua, New Hampshire, Alex’s father saw that their neighbor had fixed something special in front of their house.

They extended their wheelchair ramp from their front door to their lawn instead of the driveway. Her father was puzzled for several weeks, until he saw the neighbor’s elderly dog, Hershey. Being a senior dog, Hershey’s owners knew that he would have mobility problems. To make his life easier, they placed the ramp out further to allow better access for Hershey to enjoy the front lawn.

Alex wrote this story on Dogspotting’s Facebook group: “For weeks my Dad didn’t understand why our neighbors would build a wheelchair ramp into the lawn instead of the driveway. Then we saw this elderly, chunky boy in the yard who can’t climb stairs anymore. Dad has replaced his confusion with admiration for these 10/10 owners and their very good dog. I have been informed by another neighbor that his name is Hershey.”

Hershey’s owners obviously care about him a great deal and worry about his mobility as a senior dog. Kudos to them!

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