Man Fosters ‘Talking Dog’ For Two Weeks, And Decides To Keep Him!

Who would have imagined that?

A man named Drew Harrisburg went to the shelter to adopt a dog and not long after, he met a pit bull mix named Denis. When Drew met him, he found that Denis was very vocal and his barks would sound like “a seal and a pig”. Drew fell in love with Denis immediately and wanted to adopt him but he had already been signed for adoption by someone else.  Drew was sad at first but then asked if he could foster Denis for 2 weeks as he could not bear to see Denis back in a cage.

After warning him that he could get attached to Denis, the staff eventually agreed and told Drew that Denis must be brought back to the shelter after 2 weeks. Drew and Denis quickly formed a strong bond with each other and the pair became the best of friends. Drew would bring Denis everywhere with him and would post numerous photos or videos of their trips together. When the 2 weeks were up, Drew got a call from the shelter staff and was told to bring Denis back to the shelter.

Drew was devastated and could not bear to part with his best friend, so he requested to talk to Denis’ potential owners. Once Denis’ potential owners saw the photos and videos that Drew took, they could not bear separating the pair as it was obvious that the two had formed a strong bond. Much to Drew’s delight, they decided to give Denis to him! Drew could finally welcome Denis into his family, officially.

Watch Denis’ story in the video below!

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