Make Any Cut Of Meat As Tender As Filet Mignon With This Simple Technique

If you’re a meat-lover (join the club), then this tenderizing trick is certain to change up the way you prepare your steaks – from here on out! Whether you choose to purchase a “cheap” cut of meat, or just want your pricey piece a bit more tender, these simple steps will ensure a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth steak experience.


Jack Scalfani has a passion for preparing tasty food, and regularly shares his cooking secrets with his online audience. Using $1.99/pound meat, this chef shares his #1 tip for making any cut of meat as tender as filet mignon. Jack is such a believer of this simple meat tenderizing process – that he proudly admits many times throughout the segment, “This is NOT a good cut of beef!” This “steak secret” is so good in fact, that it will make even the cheapest of meat cuts “fit for a king!”

Begin by placing your steak in a dry, clean baking pan.


Using kosher salt or sea salt, coat the top of the meat completely. Don’t use table salt for this, it is too fine. Once you’ve covered the entire surface, Jack advises that you allow the salt to sit for approximately one hour, per inch of thickness. So in this case, the meat is 1 1/4 inches thick, and he will allow it to marinate for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Jack explains,

“Don’t be afraid to put too much on, because we are going to wash this right off when we’re done.”

During this tenderizing process “waiting” is certainly the hardest part!


Jack shares,

“What’s going to happen is, the salt is going to pull the moisture out of this meat, and it’s also going to do something to the protein molecules. It’s going to break them down. It don’t know the science to it, I just know it works!”

After leaving your steak sit for the allotted amount of time, you should notice that the salt has absorbed moisture from the meat. You may even notice additional wetness in the pan surrounding the steak.


Time to rinse off! Hold the meat underneath the faucet for a moment, ensuring that all of the salt is removed. As Jack rinses the salt off of his “poor man’s filet mignon” he points out,

“Do you see all of those openings? It’s starting to kind of pull apart a little. The salt has really penetrated the meat, you can see all of the grooves. It just seems to be falling apart in my hands.”

There you have it, the salt has done its job!


Want to see the proof? Jack holds the tenderized piece of meat next to a steak that was taken from the exact cut at the butcher, in order to show the before and after. The darker, porous, tender slice on the right looks noticeably different from the tough, bright piece on the left.


It’s grill time! Whether you choose to add your favorite spices, or top your steak with BBQ sauce – the result will be juicy, tender, melt-in-your-mouth, piping hot perfection!


Watch as Jack does a side-by-side cooking comparison!

Especially during the holiday season, many of us just don’t have the extra money to buy “good” steaks. However, this doesn’t have to stop us from “making” them ourselves! Share this steak secret with your loved ones, and spread the meat-lover love!