Little boy meets a gay couple for the very first time, has a priceless reaction

If you’re a parent and you’ve wondered how you might discuss the topic of homosexuality with your kids, then there’s one thing that you need to know – it’s harder for you than it will be for them. If you don’t understand what I mean right now, then watch the video below, and it will all make sense.

If the video shows anything, it’s that children understand love, and they don’t need much of an explanation, if any.

The little boy is meeting a gay couple for the first time. At first, he’s a little confused, but give him a little bit, and he’s soon able to connect the dots. What’s particularly heartwarming is where he lands at the end of everything. He’s not worried or bothered by homosexuality at all. In fact, he’s more concerned about getting back to playtime, but he’s kind enough to ask if the two men would like to join him.

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