Husky Reunites With Owner After Singing A TV Theme

This dog has an amazing talent…

Sled dogs like Malamutes and Huskies are especially known for being very vocal. These dogs hardly bark, but they howl a lot to almost any sounds, even to music! This particular husky lives in Beersheba, Israel with his owner, who he was very close to. The pair were the best of friends and would go on walks together very often. But while on a walk one day, a big truck had frightened the husky, causing it to run away from his owner in a state of panic. His owner immediately gave chase to his dog, but unfortunately could not keep up with him. Much to his owner’s dismay, his beloved husky was deemed lost. Although his owner searched for him, he could not locate his best friend and reported to the police.

Just a few days later, some teenagers found a husky roaming around in a field where a husky was reported missing a few days earlier. The teenagers found that the husky looked very familiar, so they quickly brought it to a nearby police station. When the police officers saw the husky, it was apparent that it was very weak as it had not eaten anything for days. The officers there gave the husky some food and comforted it, which helped its anxiety after being separated from his owner.

The police immediately contacted the owner as they were pretty sure that this husky was the one who was reported missing. However, his owner was out of town at that time, so he could not come to identify the dog in person.

But, he had a rather unique way to identify his dog. The owner told the police to play Shemesh’s theme song, which was puzzling to them at first. They decided to give it a try and played the theme song. The husky immediately perked up and quickly started to howl along to the theme song.

It turned out that Shemesh was their favorite TV show and would both sing along whenever an episode was starting. After the husky’s identity was confirmed, the police told his owner that they would look after him for a few days and play some episodes of Shemesh to keep his dog happy.

A few days later, his owner came and had a tearful reunion with his husky, which was captured in a video. His owner hugged his dog and thanked the officers for looking after him before finally heading home together.

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