Half-Blind Puppy Makes An Amazing Recovery

Her owner just left her like that…

In Vilnius, Lithuania, a Shar-Pei puppy was found chained up outside in the freezing cold by her owner. When some rescuers met her, they were horrified to see that the area where the puppy was kept was full of faeces and dirt. The puppy was obviously severely neglected and even had an infected eye, causing it to be half-blind. Despite the abuse it had suffered, the puppy was surprisingly happy to see her rescuers and eagerly greeted them with a wagging tail. It also responded to their pets eagerly, like it had never received any sort of affection before. Her water was also very dirty and was found frozen solid, causing the puppy to suffer from dehydration.

They took her to the vet, where she was given a much needed bath and food. The puppy was soon fostered by a couple, a veterinarian and a fireman. The couple were regular volunteers at Naminukai animal shelter, which was located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The puppy was able to experience the warmth of family under the couple’s care, she even has other dogs to play with and keep her company. To restore her eyesight in her right eye, the puppy was brought to the vet for surgery.

Thankfully, the surgery went smoothly and her vision was restored. The surgery was also free as well! Today, the puppy has fully recovered from her surgery and is eagerly awaiting her family, who will shower her all the love she needs.

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