How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Naturally! Better Than Toxic Repellents!

Every single one of us enjoys summertime, right? However, no one enjoys the mosquitoes that accompany the sunny days. Mosquitoes are definitely among the most irritating pests! In addition to sucking blood as soon as they get into contact with your skin, the worst part is that they likewise have the ability to bite through clothing!

A lot of people have the habit of using sprays, as well as some other store-bought mosquito repellents, believing that they are going to be of help. However, they are most certainly not familiar with the fact that they can do more bad than good, taking into consideration the fact that they contain large amounts of toxins and chemicals.

Luckily, there are always natural solutions that you can choose from and that can likewise be used as effective repellants of mosquitoes. That doesn’t signify that natural solutions are not going to offer equal results as other mosquito repellents that you can buy at the store. There is always the possibility to try them and see it for yourself!

The effectiveness of this specific essential oil mixture has been verified by numerous scientists. Having a divine smell, this all-natural mosquito repellent is going to keep the mosquitoes away throughout the entire summer! Protection against mosquito bites is of great importance for your general health as they can carry deadly illnesses such as the Zika infection and malaria.

Numerous studies have shown that the mixture of eucalyptus essential oil and lemon can act as a potent mosquito repellent. It has the ability to offer even better outcomes compared to DEET, which is an insect repellent that is considered to be extremely toxic. Actually, experts state that DEET can provide 84 percent protection for a period of four hours, and the eucalyptus-lemon mixture can offer 97 protection during that precise period!

As it can be seen, this is an extremely efficient mosquito repellent. The best part about it is that everyone can obtain it! It can be quite simply and easily prepared as all you require are a couple of ingredients! It is prepared in the following manner:


  • 30 drops of eucalyptus essential oil-lemon mixture
  • 4 oz vodka, witch hazel, or rubbing alcohol
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Prepare a mixture of all the above listed ingredients and transfer it into a spray bottle. Use it per need. Make certain that you re-apply it on a regular basis as this formula is going to last you for up to four hours. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention verifies the effectiveness of the eucalyptus-lemon mixture and states that it is a remarkable mosquito repellent.

Nevertheless, we are going to present you with a couple of other all-natural solutions that can be remarkably effective as well:

Simply crush the lavender flowers and apply the oil on the sensitive areas of your body, like for instance the arms or ankles. You can likewise apply a couple of drops on a clean cloth and use the cloth to rub your skin.

Cinnamon Oil
Mix 24 drops of oil for every 4 oz. of water. Transfer the solution into a spray bottle and spray it immediately on the skin, around your house, or on your plants and clothes.

Thyme Oil
Prepare a mixture with five drops of thyme oil and two oz. of water. If you want to make a homemade brew, prepare a mixture with four drops of the oil to every teaspoon of jojoba, olive, or other base oil that you like.

Greek Catnip Oil
Numerous studies have shown that Greek catnip oil has the ability to efficiently repel mosquitoes within a period of two to three hours. Additionally, researchers at the Iowa State University discovered that it is ten times more efficient in comparison to DEET.

Soybean Oil
With the combination of soybean oil and lemongrass oil, various mosquito types can be repelled.

Tea Tree Oil
It has scientifically been shown that repellents that have tea tree oil present in them are considerably efficient against mosquitoes, biting midgets, and bush flies.