Frightened Chihuahua Stops Shaking, In The Arms Of A WW2 Vet

Love makes all the difference.

Back in the lonely afternoons of mid-October 2015, one Chihuahua named Coco was surrendered to the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center by her former owners. To her dismay, they had left her there and even told the shelter that they had no time to care for her anymore. Upon her arrival, Coco was terrified of everything and would never stop shaking. The pup was just 3 years old and weighed just over 6 Pounds / 3 Kilograms. The very next month in November, an old man named Allen walked through the shelter with a Meals on Wheels volunteer, seeking a new canine companion. That was when the man had set his eyes on Coco. Allen was a 90 years old war veteran who had served on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific during World War II, but he had a sad story to tell.

After Allen’s dog had very recently passed away, the poor man was becoming depressed as he was all alone – until he met Coco. To him, it was fate and love at first sight – and it was also true for Coco. A delightful moment happened when staff at the shelter put the tiny pup on Allen’s lap, which sent staff in great awe. One staff member wrote: “As soon as we put Coco in his lap, she stopped shaking!” “She wouldn’t take her eyes off of him, and he wouldn’t stop smiling at her,” recalled Nicole Hernandez, who is the manager of Dallas Animal Services’ shelter.

Much to the staff’s amusement, Allen could never bear to leave Coco all by herself as he completed the necessary adoption paperwork! He carried her all the time! What a sweet pair – and they deserve each other!

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