Ellen Heard 3-Yr-Old Gymnast “Prodigy” Was Talented, But Is Stunned By Her Incredible Moves.

Emma is anything but your average tumbler. The little girl is only three years old! She has been part of her gymnastics club for just 6 months, but already she is moving like a prodigy.

According to Emma’s mom, they wanted to try gymnastics as a way to cure Emma’s “clumsiness.” Well, apparently it’s working!

The video starts with an interview, and little Emma is just adorable. When Ellen asks her if she’s ever scared of falling down, Emma quickly responds, “No, because then we get back up.” Needless to say the crowd started applauding her response.

After the interview, Emma gives us a glimpse of the skills that have already made her a star on Instagram. She starts on the bars and then ends up displaying incredible skill on the trampoline.

The whole video ends with Ellen giving Emma the sweetest gift — an entire jar full of Hershey’s kisses which she called Ellen Hugs.

Watch Emma’s incredible skill and adorable attitude below… and Share to spread some smiles!


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