Elderly Golden Retriever Loves Playing In The Snow — Even though He’s Blind

He never lets his disabilities get him down…

Not all dogs were born without some form of physical disability. Take Smiley for example, an elderly Golden Retriever who never lets his physical disabilities get him down. Smiley was born with no eyes and had spent 2 years in a puppy mill, awaiting euthanization. Unfortunately, Smiley was also born with dwarfism and other physical disabilities so it was almost impossible for him to find a forever home.

All hope seemed lost until a veterinarian named Joanne George came. Joanne had originally been sent to the Canadian puppy mill to euthanize 20 out of the 85 dogs who lived there. However, the conditions that the dogs were kept in were so poor that Joanne could not bear to do it. The smell was so terrible that it deterred Joanne and her team from entering the barn where the dogs were kept. So she resolved to take action.

With the help of her colleague, Joanne adopted all 20 of the dogs who were scheduled to be euthanized and placed them in their forever homes. She had found homes for all of the dogs, except for Smiley. Joanne took a liking to Smiley immediately and soon adopted him.

Joanne brought Smiley back home in Stouffville, Ontario and introduced him to her family. Smiley quickly warmed up to his new family and was eager to please them just like any other dog. Joanne saw his friendly and vibrant personality, which prompted her to sign Smiley up for training to become a therapy dog.

As a therapy dog, Smiley made visits to schools, hospitals and nursing homes across Canada. He provided much loving affection to the children who needed it and continued to do so until he was 15 years old. Sadly, Smiley was found to have cancerous masses in his body, so Joanne had to bid farewell to him to spare him of the agony last year.

But even until now, Smiley’s legacy still lives on. Even on social media, where he has built a devoted fan following while spreading awareness on puppy mills and pet adoption at the same time. Joanne had recently uploaded this video of Smiley, who tries to follow his owner’s voice while walking in the snow.


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