The dog watches helplessly as his master dies. Days later a part of him is inside someone else.

Dogs aren’t simply man’s best friend; they can be like family. Some dog and human pairs are each other’s constant companions. Just like this man and his four-legged friend. Until the man suffers a stroke. The dog runs after the ambulance, but the hospital door slams in front of his nose — no animals allowed! He waits outside for days. Alas, the waiting is in vain: his owner never reappears. But when they wheel this women out, something unexpected happens:

This film from Argentina communicates the importance of organ donation. If this message touched you and you’re interested in registering as an organ donor, you can do so here in the United States, here in Canada, here in the UK, here in South Africa, and here in Australia. There is currently no national organ donor registration in New Zealand, but you can indicate your status as a donor on your driver’s license.


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