‘Dead’ Dog Comes Back To Life When Rescuers Arrive

Judy Obregon, founder of the dog rescue group The Abandoned Ones, received a picture that absolutely broke her heart. It was a poodle mix, lying in a driveway, appearing to be dead.

Source: Judy Obregon/Facebook

Judy had been looking for this particular dog on a number of different occasions. A resident in the Fort Worth, Texas area reported seeing the dog wandering around the area as a stray. They also said that they had seen local kids tormenting the poor pup.

“Kids were throwing food out on the street, so the dog would run out onto the street,” Judy told The Dodo. “Then neighbors saw some children tying a water hose around his neck.”

Judy had looked for the dog three prior times and was heartbroken to have to go pick up its body.

“I started crying because I felt like I didn’t do enough,” Judy said. “I felt like I wasn’t there on time to get to this dog before he ended up in this situation.”

The person who had found the dog and taken the picture was certain that the little poodle mix was gone. He didn’t seem to be breathing and didn’t move when they approached him. That’s why Judy was so shocked when she arrived at the scene.

Source: Judy Obregon/Facebook

When Judy arrived, she was immediately relieved to see the dog slowly lift its head off the ground. He was still alive.

“When I came to him, he was still in the same spot, but his head was up,” Judy said. “I was probably the happiest person in the world.”

Judy named the dog Gully and took him to the clinic. Although he wasn’t suffering from any external injuries, the poor dog was severely dehydrated, weak, and emaciated. Judy is certain that he wouldn’t have survived much longer than another day.

At first, Gully was terrified of Judy and where she was taking him, but as soon as he got in the car, he started giving her kisses.

Source: Judy Obregon

“He started giving me kisses,” Judy said. “He was a total transformation, I would say, within 48 hours.”

Gully stayed at the vet for a few days before initially going home with Judy. Then, Gully lived with Judy’s friend, Crystal Hampton, who was happy to foster the fluffy white dog until he found his forever family.

“After a few days, he just came out of his shell,” Judy said. “He was just so happy. There were times when I even think he smiled because he was so happy.

Source: Judy Obregon/Facebook

“We showed him that not all humans were bad,” she added. “And animals are so resilient, and he put his past behind him the moment he was rescued.”

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t long before Gully found his new, forever home. Judy said that the latest update she got on the little dog was that he was beyond happy and living life to the fullest.

Judy couldn’t be happier about the outcome of what started out as such a grim situation.

Source: Judy Obregon/Facebook

“This is why I do what I do,” she said. “And I have to say that if it wasn’t for that neighbor, who I will never know, Gully wouldn’t be alive. She pretty much was the one who saved his life.”

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