What Can You Do With Leftover Lemon Peels?

We are all aware of the fact that lemons are extremely healthy. They are refreshing, have a pleasant smell and possess numerous health beneficial properties. However, were you aware of the fact that the peels can likewise be used? Lemon peels are rich in minerals, vitamins, as well as fiber (vitamin C, calcium, and potassium) that provide the body with an all-natural boost. Eight of the remarkable uses of lemon peels are given below:

Lemon olive oil
You should zest some lemon peel. You likewise freeze it in order to use it later. After that, combine one cup of olive oil with three cups of lemon zest so that the olive oil gets a good lemon flavor. Leave it to sit for a period of two weeks and afterwards strain it. Your lemon olive oil is ready for usage.

Lemon ice cubes
All you have to do is add some lemon zest to your ice and use these lemon ice cubes for cooling your favorite beverages. Another option is to add long strips of the peel to your ice cubes.

Get rid of the bad smell for trash cans
Simply put a couple of lemon peels at the bottom the garbage bin to get rid of the bad smelles and maintain a fresh smell.

Clean your microwave
Add several lemon peels in bowl that is microwave-safe and just fill it with water. Warm the bowl on high heat for approximately five minutes, and afterwards allow the steam to do its job. In the end, clean the microwave with the use of a towel and it is going to be perfectly clean again.

Eliminate ants
Lemon peels can likewise act as remarkable ant repellents. All you have to do is place several peels at the cracks of the doors, or any little spaces through which ants can get into your home. You can likewise place a few lemon peels in your sugar jar to prevent the ants from entering your kitchen being attracted by the sugar.

Brighten your skin
Lemon peels can likewise be used for brightening your skin and making it smoother. You are likewise going to need lemon infused oil and Epsom salts.

Vitamin C powder
Vitamin C powder can be made by slicing the lemon peels into small squares and leaving them on a clean cloth in the sun for a few days. After they are entirely dry, grind them in a coffee grinder till you get a powder. This powder is an incredible source of vitamin C. It can be consumed plain or you can add one teaspoon of it in your favorite shake.

Sanitize your cutting board 
Lemons possess potent anti-bacterial properties as a result of its natural acidity, which signifies that it can do wonders for home cleaning. After cleaning your cutting board, use half a lemon to rub the surface. Leave it to act for a couple of minutes and afterwards rinse it off with some water.