Boy Takes Photo Of Cheese Sandwich At School. Then Mom Realizes A Teacher Took His Real Lunch

AMaryland mom named Lisa was furious after her kids’ elementary school took away their lunches as a result of an unpaid lunch bill.

Justin and Hailee, both 7 years old, came home from school in May 2015 and told Lisa they bought their trays of lunch — but the teachers confiscated them, saying they didn’t have enough money to pay for them.

The kids were forced to give their lunches back and were handed new trays — with a very plain cheese sandwich as their main course.

The school spokesperson explained that when families fall behind their lunch bills by $12 and do not qualify for federally-subsidized free lunches, handing out plain cheese sandwiches is school protocol.

However, Lisa says the incident set her kids up for ridicule and bullying, especially since parents are only notified about unpaid lunch bills via notes or email. She never received a phone call to warn her about the unpaid bills and discuss her options, which meant Justin and Hailee were surprised when they were presented with the “prison food” in front of their peers.

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