Big Dog Won’t Budge from Bed Even for a Treat, Takes Off Running When Owner Says ‘Squirrel’

“Up” is a 2009 animated feature film produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Have you seen it?

If you did, you probably remember an adorable pooch named Dug. This geeky-but-sweet golden retriever communicates with humans by way of a special device on his collar.

Dug utters an ongoing series of memorable mutt lines such as, “I have just met you, and I love you.” He also snaps to attention immediately, whenever someone says the word “squirrel.”

Dog lovers everywhere can absolutely relate. In fact, another overgrown retriever named Max is amusing social media users with similar antics.

A video recently posted on Rumble shows Max in action or, perhaps more precisely, inaction.

It seems that this snuggly pup refuses to move once he’s discovered the comfy qualities of his human mom’s bed. If you’re a pet owner, maybe you’ve seen comparable behavior.

Oh sure, not every dog is exactly like Max. Some are absolutely mesmerized by a favorite toy or a tattered tennis ball.

Others are enthralled by the television. And more than a few are eternal fans of car rides.

But the thing is, almost every furry friend has a favorite spot for relaxing. Maybe it’s the couch or a rug, or that open space right in front of the fireplace.

For Max, it’s obviously a mattress. And what makes the video so amusing is his utter unwillingness to move a muscle.

In the short snippet, Max’s human mother finally stumbles upon the hilarious solution. But first, she tries an entertaining succession of totally unsuccessful strategies.

“Come on you big baby, come on,” she initially coos. But Max just isn’t having it.

Then she attempts a little bit of enticement. “Would you get off the bed for a treat?” she teases.

“Treat” is clearly a trigger word, but it only earns a moderate amount of interested eye movement from Max. So then his owner tugs at his huge front paw.

No dice there, either.  But clearly, this crafty human has saved her very best strategy for last.

“Squirrel!” she finally hollers, and Max is off like a shot.  Seems like “Up” was definitely onto something, and every dog has a little bit of Dug deep inside.

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