Before Wrapping, Always Line The Inside Of The Paper With Ribbon. Here’s Why

With a mountain of presents and a ticking clock, the thought of wrapping everything before dawn breaks may seem like a challenge. But we have ways to accomplish everything with these helpful tips!



Baby-Friendly Gift Wrap

For a way to wrap presents for your littlest of loved ones, follow the helpful photo tutorial below. They just need to pull the shiny ribbon to unwrap their special present!

IMG_5191compB (2)


Single Sheet Origami Box

Or you could always put your paper-folding skills to use this Christmas by making these cool origami boxes!



Make Your Own Gift Basket

Create your very own paper gift basket this Christmas. It’s a fun and unique way to hold your loves’ gifts and your homemade tasty treats!

Make A Few Trims

Take a piece of cardboard or cardstock paper and make cuts that look like the image below. Be sure to leave the strip in the middle so the cuts don’t rip all the way through!



Fold It Together

Fold all of the paper strips you’ve just made together like you see here! They should come together in a boat-like shape initially.

Glue the pieces together with clear-dry adhesive. Mod Podge would work great with this project!



Get A Handle On Things

Then cut out handles and use metal fasteners to keep everything in place!



Pretty Darn Cute

When all of the pieces are in place, you’ll be able to see just how adorable this tiny basket really is! It’s surprisingly sturdy, too! If you need extra instruction check out the tutorial at The Scrappy Side Of Life.



DIY Gift Envelope

Follow the simple steps below to make an adorable folding envelope! You just need a few double-sided pieces of cardstock and a ribbon.



No Tape? No Problem

Did you know that ribbon can be used as a gorgeous substitute for tape? How perfect!

Cut Through The Issue

Use an Xacto-knife to make a small cut through both sides of the paper fold. Then run a piece of ribbon through the cut.



An Adorable Alternative

Do this with the other side of the paper and tie the piece of ribbon in a knot or bow. It’s so easy and so beautiful, your family will definitely be impressed!



Paper Pyramid Gift Box

Wrap your small trinkets and toys in an adorable little paper box this Christmas to give your gifts a little extra flare!

Get The Box Ready

Follow the five simple steps below to create the base of the pyramid box!



Tie It Together

Weave a ribbon through the hole punches to keep the items inside of the box!



Perfect Mini Boxes

Once they’re all wrapped up, you can stick them in stockings or under the tree. How cool are these tiny boxes? A full tutorial can be found at



Wrapping Paper Gift Bag

Put together some beautiful gift bags in a flash! This cool idea from will save money and time! No need to make another trip to the store for gift bags when you can use the wrapping paper you already have!

Everything You Need

Grab a good-sized square piece of wrapping paper, tape, a pencil and two pieces of string that are the same size.



Easy As Pie

Then follow the six simple steps below. Use the sharpened pencil to poke the handle holes at the end!



Good To Go

Now you can stuff the bag with small gifts and toys! Be sure not to use it for anything too heavy that might break the tape or rip the paper, keep it light!



Need A Cookie Box?

If you are one of the angels who bake cookies for your family and neighbors, has a great way for you to box up your Christmas treats!

Follow Along

This helpful photo guide will show you exactly how to manipulate the paper plate!



Dig Right In

Once you have everything all folded and taped, you can place your yummy cookies inside. You’ll be proud of both your tasty cookies and this clever little box!



Wrap It Diagonally

If you want to learn how to wrap every present with the speed and precision of a pro, watch this YouTube video! (5)


Master The Round Gift

You can also watch this Japanese video below (English subtitles can be turned on) to learn how to wrap those impossible round gifts – one of Christmas’ biggest mysteries is finally solved!


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