Woman Is Handed Her Airplane Meal, Immediately Takes Photo To Have Proof Of Issue With It


How many times have you been told to stop playing with your food? Usually it is an admonition to stop shoveling it around the plate and eat it, but we just found a whole new reason for the old warning.

An unidentified flyer traveling from Sydney to Brisbane on Friday was taken aback by her dinner. Luckily, she took a picture of it before tucking into it. You are just simply not going to believe her meal.

The unidentified woman was a business class passenger aboard a Qantas airlines flight from Sydney to Brisbane. When the flight attendant presented her dinner meal, the woman looked down and saw the most remarkably phallic vegetable she, or perhaps any of us, has ever seen.

When she asked exactly what it was, the flight attendant responded with “it’s a root vegetable.”

Heading up the culinary program for Qantas Airlines is celebrity chef Neil Perry, who has been partnering with the company since 2007, with the stated goal of elevating the in-flight dining experience.

Neil Perry has made quite a name for himself as one of Australia’s leading celebrity chefs. In addition to being a successful restauranteur and chef, he has written a number of books and appears on television regularly.

One of the things Perry is best known for is his contemporary take on Asian cuisine, with a specialty in Korean BBQ.

His company, Rockpool Consulting has five restaurants and a catering service that provides a fine dining experience in institutional settings. Three of his restaurants, Rockpool, Spice Temple, and Rockpool Bar and Grill are located in Sydney, while the other two, Rosetta, and the original Rockpool Bar and Grill are located in Melbourne.

Perry got his start in the food business managing restaurants in Melbourne, where he learned the fine art of restaurant management. He began working the front of the house at a local establishment called Sails, where he learned the importance of the dining experience from the service side of the counter, but by the age of twenty four, he found himself pulled into the kitchen, where the real action happens.

During his formative years in the business, he studied under such well known Australian chefs as Gay Bilson, Damien Pignolet, David Thompson, Steve Manfredi, and Stephanie Alexander. Surprisingly, while he has used the title chef, he never completed an apprenticeship.

He had a number of successes during the mid and late 1980’s running other people’s restaurants, and in 1989 launched his own establishment with his cousin and business partner, Trish Richards. That first Rockpool became the foundation of  his career as a celebrity chef. In 2007 they launched the Rockpool Bar and Grill inside a casino, and their brand has not looked back since.

Perry’s Melbourne Rockpool location has garnered a number of positive reviews from critics since opening, including being awarded two coveted “chefs hats” in the Melbourne Good Food Guide.

He makes regular appearances on Australian food programs, and has started to find his way to American audiences through segments on Martha Stewart’s shows.

What is the strangest vegetable you have ever seen? Share your stories with us here.


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