This man fell asleep on his brother’s knee. Look a bit closer and it’s clear that something is very wrong!

There’s nothing better than a homemade gift, especially when it involves a good dose of humor. These three brothers came up with a really neat idea to surprise their mother: they recreated some of her favorite photos of them as children and the results are hilarious.

So buckle up and get ready to take a ride back in time with three brothers who obviously know just how to put a smile on Mom’s face…

1. Fun on the stairs.

2. Happy Halloween!

3. The laundry basket clubhouse.


4. In his brother’s arms…

5. The boys are back in town!

6. Dad the photobomber!

7. Splish, splash they were takin’ a bath…

8. A well-deserved nap.

9. Incognito!

10. Blowing out the candles with Grandma.

11. Falling asleep in Daddy’s arms.

12. Cooling off in the cooler!

13. A couple of real cowboys!


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