This couple wanted to meet the biological mother of their adopted baby. When the husband opened the door and saw her, he almost collapsed!

Walt Manis grew up on a farm in Arkansas where he spent many long hours of his childhood rambling around the nearby countryside. One day on a walk, something unusual happened: he had a vision of becoming a father. He was outside with his little daughter, swinging her around as she laughed. Her name was Chloe and she had olive skin and dark eyes. He could even see her face. The images were so clear, Walt would never forget them.

Years later, talking with his childhood friend Annie, he found himself discussing her intense desire to have a baby — a daughter, in fact, whom she had already named: Chloe, she explained, to Walt’s astonishment. He told her about his old vision. 

Walt and Annie ended up getting married. Discovering this shared dream had brought them closer, but little did they know, it wasn’t to be. Or not quite as they originally planned.

Many hopeful months were followed by years that were less so. Annie and Walt began to realize a dreaded truth: it seemed clear they couldn’t get pregnant. 

They were devastated. They weren’t sure they could weather this. But one day the possibility of adoption hit Annie. Walt couldn’t imagine it for a long time. Not at all.

But then, slowly, slowly, he came around to the idea. Maybe they could still have children, just not the way they’d always planned.

They decided to try their chances and before long they had found a match: a young pregnant woman who wanted to meet the adopting couple before giving up her baby. They made an appointment and waited anxiously for the day to arrive. They had so many questions and worries — would they be able to love a child who wasn’t biologically their own? Would the mother agree to let them adopt her baby? What about the future?

At last they were on their way, holding their breath. 

Walt went first, opened the door, and then stopped and stared. How could this be? The woman looked exactly like a grown-up version of the face in his childhood vision. His doubts and fears melted away.

And there was still one more incredible coincidence to come. Before giving birth, the baby’s mother had always called her by a name and was hoping that they would consider keeping it. That name was… Chloe.

Overcome by emotion, Annie and Walt both burst into tears.

The young woman agreed to let Annie and Walt adopt little Chloe and their dreams of having a family could finally blossom into reality.

A religious organization made a documentary about the couple and their journey, which you can watch here:

Within a few years, they adopted another daughter, Naomi. What an amazing way to experience the “circle of life” — to see an oracle from childhood come true and the dream a couple shared so fervently be fulfilled! And beautiful for these children to find parents who want them so much.


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