These 23 pictures are my absolute nightmare. Cameras show the unluckiest people of the year.

Bad day? No problem! When you see these 23 “walking disasters,” your bad mood will seem completely unfounded. Because it can always get worse. Much, much worse.

1. I guess no breakfast today.

2. These amusement park visitors surely had something else in mind when they showed up.

3. Sometimes people are just blockheads.

4. This is what happens when you let your friend borrow your car.

5. At least her jacket matches the paint color!

6. Hopefully this unfortunate soul brought something to read — this could take awhile.

7. This unlucky person should take his bike instead.

8. Now THAT is a prickly situation.

9. Any form of help for this passenger is too late.

10. When some people just have to stick their nose into everyone’s business!

11. “It wasn’t supposed to rain today…”

12. Eggshell white looks much better on the living room wall than on the rear window.

13. And that was the last roll.

14. I’m not sure what the scale is trying to tell me.

15. The mechanic definitely doesn’t have to come to work again next Monday.

16. “Until death do us part” seems to be too long for this bride.

17. The new cement truck driver wasn’t awake on his first day.

18. Looks like frozen pizza is back on the menu.

19. Can it get any worse?

20. It can!

21. Most people think hippopotamuses are slow animals. But they can run as fast as 30 MPH — and are the animals that kill the most humans in Africa. RUN FASTER!

22. At least the photobomber looks sorry!

23. Everything good comes from above? Well …

These 23 pictures show that when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you might just want to lie back down again. If these misfortunate pictures trigger feelings of sympathy AND hysteria, then share them with all your friends!


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