These 20 pictures will push your cringe threshold to the limit. Wait until you see what THAT is.

Children are gifts from heaven. However, every parent knows that some situations require deep breathing and patience. Often it seems like you cannot take your eyes off your kid for one second without mess and chaos breaking loose. Many of us were once mini-menaces, driving our parents to the edge of sanity. How would you react when …

when all the Christmas cookies spontaneously land on the floor?

when presented with THIS problem?

Or with this one?

when you just wanted to let the cake cool down and THIS happens?

when your expensive makeup is used for war paint?

when reaching for the remote causes this reaction?

when the couch turns into a battlefield?

when the Vaseline is used for THIS?

when you have to fight for your package again?

when the bathroom is occupied in the morning?

and the spare bathroom?

when your culinary skills are not properly appreciated?

when his wish to be Mickey Mouse ends like THIS?

when your iPad is covered in a wonderful layer of baby slobber?

when you get a surprise visit in the middle of the night?

when your living room looks like THIS?

when your kid gives graffiti a try?

and when your kid finally falls asleep?

when your peanut butter is used for performance art?

when THAT is waiting for you (no that’s NOT peanut butter)?

These kids have definitely left more than just a lasting impression. Lucky for them, a parent’s love is unconditional.


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