Straight-Laced Cops Were Alone In Elevator, Hidden Camera Catches Them Getting Their Groove On!

Deputy Tony Scherb was always a straight-laced, no nonsense police officer. He served with distinction for 29 years with the El Paso County police force in Colorado Springs, CO, and loved every minute of the job. On his last day at work before retirement, he decided to take a victory lap for the ages.

This video starts with Scherb in an elevator–presumably as he’s on his way out of the office–as his foot begins to tap and a “schools out for summer” mentality completely overwhelmed him. It’s clear Scherb’s co-workers couldn’t be happier for him as they danced their way to the first floor until his soon-to-be former supervisor stepped in the elevator… whoops! (:

Okay, it’s pretty obvious this video is staged, but it’s so fun to see officers cut loose a bit. When we so often hear of negative stories regarding police officers, it’s always nice to have a fun insight into the fact that the men and women who protect us are human too.

Check out the joyous moment below.

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