Shelter Couldn’t Figure Out Why This Dog Kept Hiding His Face — Until This Family Walked In

It can be difficult for abused dogs to learn to trust people again. The depression and fear suffered by abused and neglected animals can also contribute to long-term abnormal behavior.

When a 12-year-old senior dog named Jack arrived at the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society in Virginia, he was visibly depressed and afraid from the get-go. He felt so rejected by his previous owner that he would bury his face in the corner of his kennel to hide when the rescuers would try to bring him outside to play. This is Jack’s story…

The Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society in Virginia received a 12-year-old German Shepherd-Labrador retriever mix named Jack. Staff noticed from his first day that when they tried to bring Jack outside, he buried his face in the corner of his kennel and someone would have to carry him outside.

Staff members believed Jack’s actions were a sign that he felt depressed and scared as a result of neglect or abuse. They noted that Jack perked up a bit once he was taken outside, though they were concerned because his demeanor didn’t change after an entire month at the shelter.


A group called Susie’s Senior Dogs heard about Jack and posted the following message on their Facebook page: “We work with him each day, sitting with him and talking to him, but he is one depressed and lonely boy. It breaks my heart to think he may have lived with his loneliness for his whole life, but we would very much like to see his remaining time surrounded by love, compassion, and never-ending snuggles.”

After posting that message, the humane society received dozens of calls from people inquiring about Jack. “Jack became an instant celebrity last night when Susie’s Senior Dogs kindly posted his story to their page,” said the shelter. “We received many inquiries but one lovely young lady came right away to meet him with her other canine companion in tow.”


Adoption is especially tough for senior dogs, who have a difficult time finding forever homes. Thankfully, it worked out for Jack!

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