She Refuses Surgery For Her Birthmark, Too Proud Of What God Gave Her To Change It [video]

At a young age, we are taught to identify what is considered attractive and “normal.” Scientists have concluded that babies respond to attractive people  based on the symmetry of the face that they are looking at. These perceptions have caused us to believe that anything out of the ordinary is considered to be an oddity or “unattractive,” however; one young lady is teaching us that if we embrace our differences, then we will find our own individual beauty.

Cassandra Naud was born with hypertrichosis, which is a unique condition that causes hair to grow excessively on certain parts of the body. Immediately following her birth, Naud’s parents were asked if they wanted the birthmark removed, under the condition that there was a chance that a large scar be left behind. Afraid that the large scar wouldn’t help matters, her parents decided against the surgery.

While Naud suffered from some traumatic school years and was often the victim of teasing and being stared at, she couldn’t be happier about her parents decision to forego the surgery. Over the years, the now 22-year-old has learned to embrace her birthmark. “My birthmark makes me unique and memorable,” said Naud. “It is who I am and I don’t feel like it has ever held me back.”

And Naud, who makes a living as a professional dancer, continues to showcase her rare birthmark, holding nothing back. She admits that she has had some struggles in the industry, as several people have made comments saying that she should remove the patch and one agent even said that she would benefit from Photoshopping it.

But those comments just serve as fuel for Naud, as she has made quite a name for herself on social media. The exceptional dancer is well known for the images that she flaunts on Instagram, showing the world that differences should be embraced and not shunned.

In the video below, you can witness Naud’s talent for yourself, as she showcases a variety of different dances both solo and with partners. It is obvious that she is talented in her profession and her birthmark makes her stand out a little more amongst her peers. Her versatility in dance is proof that she has never allowed herself to be held back and has maintained confidence when it comes to achieving what she wants.

Viewers and fans of the video feel that she is an inspiration to them…

“I truly find you amazing. You embrace the way beauty and art is supposed to be.”

“Your dance skills are awesome! And about your birthmark, IMO it looks like a piece of galaxy spreading from within, it’s pretty cool :D. It’s great that you decided to keep it, it didn’t stop you from being awesome!”

“Fell in love with your dancing skills! You’re truly talented and so beautiful, both on the inside and out! Your confidence is absolutely amazing. You’re perfect just as you are, never think you’re any less than that.”

Naud’s confidence is one that should be spread across the world.


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