It looks like a normal picture. But when you look closer your jaw will drop!

Mexican-born, Orlando-based painter Cristiam Ramos enjoys working with unusual media. He’s created series of paintings with candy and nail polish, using butterfly wings as a canvas, and in this case, tubes of toothpaste!

Because toothpaste only comes in a limited variety of colors, a key part of his work is mixing the toothpastes together to achieve the color he is looking for.

Because toothpaste dries relatively quickly and can become difficult to spread evenly, sometimes he applies it directly on the canvas and uses it like finger paint.

As the paintings are quite large, it typically takes him 200 hours and 30 tubes of toothpaste to complete one.

Perhaps inspired by all the cavity-fighting power of his paint, this particular series features the perfect white smiles of some of our favorite celebrities.

Brad Pitt

Miley Cyrus

Robin Williams

Emma Watson

Elton John

Lady Gaga

Here’s a video showing Cristiam at work:

“It is very difficult to make these as the toothpaste becomes very sticky and dries quickly,” Cristiam explained. “The smell can also be overwhelming, which was challenging during the long days of up to 10 hours painting.”

What a creative mind he has! Could there be other toothpaste artists out there? One has to wonder what Cristiam is going to get up to next!


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