He Catches Women Who Think They’re Entitled To Steal His Stuff, Completely Embarrsses Them

A public beach usually seems like a pretty safe place, right? And most people don’t feel all that scared to leave their beach equipment for a couple of minutes while they take a dip in the water. After all, the purpose of enjoying a day at the beach is to swim, play and relax, and that often means that you have to step away from your beach belongings for a few minutes.

One dad and his kids were enjoying a nice day on New Smyrna Beach in Florida, when they came across quite an awkward moment.

When the dad and his brood decided to leave their canopy for a few minutes, they came back to a very unexpected and awkward situation…two women attempting to take down the canopy and evidently steal it.

The dad’s reaction to the situation was priceless and certainly put these women in their place…and he managed to catch it all on camera. When he saw that the two thieves were struggling with trying to take down the canopy, he walked over to them and asked if they needed help. Their response: “Do you know how to do it?”

“Yeah, it is our stuff,” said the dad.

And then the awkward moment commenced. The two women play dumb at first and then one has the nerve to lash out as she says…”Shut that damn camera off!” When he refuses to, the woman goes on and says “I will take that phone from you and shove it in the grass!”

Before the camera shuts off, we get to witness the woman following him with a pointed finger on the beach.

Lesson to thieves everywhere: if you get busted, it’s much easier to just admit your wrongdoing, instead of badgering the innocent person who owns the item.

We can assume that this isn’t the first time that this duo has stolen, but we are sure that this is the first time that they were caught in the act. Props to the dad for staying cool and calm and capturing the moment for the world to see.

Commenters found this incident to be quite amusing and terribly rude…

“Don’t steal, if you don’t know how to.”

“The guy was just being cool and not pressing any charges on them but the ladies decide to go farther.”

“No joke. THIS TRIGGERS ME SO MUCH!!! Why the fuck do they think they can steal and play innocent and then think feel assaulted? DISGUSTING. This made me scream.”

And one pointed out the obvious stumble that came out of one of the thieves…

“Did you hear the lady in the red “I’m going to take that camera and put in in the grass” dumbass bitch it’s a beach.”

“I’ll put that camera IN THE GRASS what grass?”

She was obviously at a loss for words due to the fact that she was caught in the act. Next time, maybe she will just admit to her crime and walk away. After all, the dad was being pretty laid back about the whole situation and letting the ladies off the hook.