FDA Finally Admitted That Chicken Meat Is Filled with Cancer-Causing Arsenic

According to the Associated Press, the FDA stated that chicken sold on the markets across USA are fed with inorganic arsenic, a detrimental chemical for human health. It’s given to chicken because it causes quicker weight gain and less feeding. It’s also given to turkeys, hogs, and chickens for enhanced color.

10 broiler chickens were tested by the FDA and all of them had inorganic arsenic in their liver. However, the agency continues trying to convince people that the amount of arsenic in chicken is very small and thus, the meat is safe for consumption. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t be fooled by such statements as arsenic is a highly toxic substance. In fact, The University of South Carolina Department of Environmental Health Sciences issued a warning about the responsibility of arsenic, lead, and mercury for fetus damage.

What’s more, arsenic is 4 times more poisonous than Mercury. Believe it or not, the trivalent Arsenic is 60 times more toxic than the pentavalent Arsenic. A research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association pointed out that people who consumed large amounts of arsenic rice, without any other known arsenic exposure, had cellular changes which can lead to cancer.

Additionally, it has been proven that when ingested; arsenic can lead to invasive squamous cell carcinoma, Bowen illness, basal cell skin carcinoma, and liver, kidney, lung, and bladder cancer.


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