These are 26 of the strangest family photos you’ve ever seen. No. 14 had me horror-stricken!

Family photos are wonderful keepsakes and certainly make great holiday cards. Of course, it’s never easy to get a photo where the whole gang looks good, but the following 26 family photos go way beyond that; something is fundamentally wrong here…

Laughing harder at this than I should:

Awkward Family Photos....this is not funny! A scared baby in a germ infested garbage can is abuse & neglect. All involved in this photo are guilty and most likely under the influence of something or parents in dire need of help and education from child protective services.:

Nailed it.:

Because your family is just not awkward enough. LOL. Check out this site for the most awkward family photos you'll ever see! :-P:

He decided to imagine them as bookends.:


Lifes Rich Pageant:

She always looked forward to spending time with Grandma. (submitted by Amber):

How do these people even come up with these ideas? And why didn’t they destroy them the moment they saw them? I guess that will have to remain a mystery. If you haven’t had enough freaky family photos for today, you can easily get your fix online.